Primary Reasons Why You Could Be Dozy Quite Frequently

Published: 04th May 2011
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Lots of people are most often asking "why am I sleepy regularly?" as how we live change quicker than our bodies can handle and as we push ourselves further than what our bodies can handle. While we may take steps to obtain additional sleep and catch up on missing sleep science has found that while this may help, oversleeping might be just as bad as under sleeping and there are other factors we don't even consider when bedding down for the night.

Oversleeping may be caused by a combination of factors including psychological concerns however is often our own body attempting to gain back energy but in doing so throws it out of sync using the various parts of the systems of sleeping that allow us to be healthy and gain energy for the next day. If you try to force your body to oversleep you also get this from sync effect and often you'll not have plenty of time to complete the things you need which could cause depression and even more missing of sleep at a later stage.

A sleep window is actually a period of time our bodies says "I really want to sleep now!" which shows by yawning, deficiency of strength and generally feeling tired. Usually however we drive our bodies through this window when we don't want to go to bed at that point causing us to miss this window. If we skip this window we stop feeling sleepy as our mind gears up for more job then it becomes challenging to sleep until another window arrives again. Occasionally missing windows of sleep can impact the quality and volume of sleep we get leading us to feeling sleepy all the time.

As we are actually sleeping our brains are going through a complicated process which is called a sleep cycle. This begins with a light sleep but gradually our brains become slower and slower until finally we reach a really deep sleep which eventually ends as our minds start winding up again and then the cycle begins again. Most peoples sleep cycle are around 4 hours long permitting two cycles per night but this time can differ to become greatly shorter or longer depending on the person.

If we awaken within the deepest aspect of our sleep it's just like trying to start up a car which is very cold and needs a lot of effort to get moving causing us to feel tired and never providing the mind a chance to do the right mental processes it required to for better health and energy. If we wake at the wrong time we can be asking Why Am I Sleepy Constantly without knowing why however the quality of the sleep is sacrificed because of it.

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